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A thermal storage unit has a thermal storage material which performs heat exchange through a fluid filled in a thermal storage body arranged within a vessel having an opening communicated to outside. The thermal storage body is a porous ceramic molding which contains the thermal storage medium.

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A body-sensible acoustic device which can be readily mounted on and detached from a seat of an automobile. A drive unit driven by acousto-electrical signals is mounted on a vibration transmitting member. A pair of clamping members are provided which are coupled to the vibration transmitting member i ...

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A process for the preparation of film coils is disclosed, which comprises forming a first plane coil layer by arranging a plurality of insulated spiral conductor patterns wound in the same direction adjacent to one another without any gaps, laminating on the first plane coil layer a second plane coi ...

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A collecting agency supplies a collecting agency name and a money bag number to a service providing terminal. In response to dealing requests from user terminals, the service providing terminal sends, to the user terminals, information which contains the collecting agency name (Id) and the money bag ...

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In an anti-lock control system for motor vehicles, the design is made such that when the motor vehicle is running on a rough road, reduction of the brake hydraulic pressure can be prevented from being started early by detecting that the motor vehicle is running on the rough road, and such that any a ...

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A halocyanoacetamide compound having the formula: ##STR1## wherein X is a halogen such as Cl, F, Br and I; Y represents a halogen such as chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine or hydrogen atom; and

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In a magnetic storage apparatus having a magnetic recording medium, a drive unit for driving this medium in a prespecified recording direction, a magnetic head assembly including a recorder section and reproduction section, means for causing the magnetic head to move relatively with respect to the m ...

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In a plant cultivation method, in cultivation of a plurality of plants within a cultivation bed which includes nutritive elements required for growth of the plants, a location adjacent a growing point of the plants is selected to supply gas to the growing point. In a plant cultivation apparatus, a c ...

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A record player comprises a player cabinet and a slide base supporting a turntable and movably mounted in the player cabinet for movement into and out of the latter. The record player also includes a front door movably supported by the player cabinet for movement between a vertical position in which ...

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A heat storage medium for use in a latent heat TES unit is obtained by treating a crystalline polyolefin with ion plasma thereby crosslinking it only in the surface region.