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Sensors detect parameters. Control units control vehicle equipments in accordance with the detected parameters. In each of the control units, at least one of the detected parameters and internally produced data is converted into serial data as communication data, and serial data is converted into ot ...

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Control units are mutually connected by separate common signal lines. A data link is provided between the control units via a preselected one of the common signal lines. A check is made as to whether the preselected common signal line is operating normally or abnormally. When the preselected common ...

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When a window glass catches an obstacle and driving current of a driving motor increases to a set maximum value, the driving current is controlled within the maximum set value to limit the obstacle catching force. Because the motor is controlled by a duty ratio of PWM signal, the motor speed can be ...

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A system for assisting the alignment of a hitch pin mounted on the rear of a vehicle with a hitch socket mounted on the front of a trailer. The system includes a camera mounted to the vehicle and positioned to capture an image rearwardly of the vehicle. A video display is contained within the vehicl ...

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A plurality of control units are connected via a common signal line through which they communicate. Each control unit is operative to control an apparatus according to certain information the control unit normally receives directly through an exclusive signal line by operation of a directly-inputtin ...

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A hair cosmetic composition containing, as an active component, a diester of phosphoric acid with ascorbic acid and tocopherol, having the formula (I), and/or a salt thereof: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 represents H or CH.sub.3 and R.sub.2 represents H or CH.sub.3.


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An output section, consisting of a pair of loudspeakers disposed adjacently to each other, is installed inside a seatback of a designated seat. Sound output surfaces of respective loudspeakers face a designated person sitting on the designated seat. It is hence easy to secure a required distance for ...

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A communication control unit for controlling communication between an electronic control unit and other equipment or other electronic control units, the communication control unit functioning to judge whether or not the operation of the electronic control unit is normal and, if it is judged that the ...

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In an apparatus for controlling an engine, as an air flow sensor for measuring intake air flow quantity, a heater resistor having temperature-resistance characteristic and a temperature sensitive resistor for sensing air temperature are provided in an intake passage, and heating electric power is su ...