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A catalyst for purifying exhaust gas composed of a catalyst carrier coated with a metal oxide material containing a spinel metal oxide of the formula: MAl.sub.2 O.sub.4 wherein M is Sr, Mg, Cu, Mn, Mo, Zn, Fe, Co or Ni the metal oxide coated carrier further being coated with rhodium and platinum and ...

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This invention provides improvements in method of and apparatus for reducing an emitted amount of particulates by collecting the particulates contained in the exhaust gas from a diesel engine by a trapper. According to the invention, firstly, an excess amount of the particulates which have adhered t ...

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A multilayer circuit board obtained by laminating and bonding a plurality of ceramic substrates, each substrate having holes therein and a conductive circuit pattern on at least one surface thereof, and bonding layers between each ceramic substrate, said bonding layers containing an organic or inorg ...

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A monolithic catalyst, for the purification of exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine, comprising: an inert carrier; a film of alumina and rare earth oxides coated onto the surface of said inert carrier, wherein Ce and La are present in said film at an atomic ratio of Ce/La of 0.05-0.3 and ...


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Exhaust gas purifying catalyst characterized in that a carrier carries as the catalytic elements, a Pt-family element or elements containing over 50 weight % of Pt and an alkaline metal in proportions of 0.001.about.1 mole per 1 kg of catalyst; or the carrier carries Ce additionally.

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In flow control apparatus formed of a network of switching hubs in a hierarchy configuration for performing data packet transfer within each of a plurality of respectively separate groups of terminals, based on use of group identifiers contained in the data packets, occurrence of congestion of the o ...

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An interactive graphic system is provided which introduces drawing data step by step in the form of interaction to describe figures, characters, numerical figures or the like with the aid of a microcomputer. The interactive graphic system consists of a keyboard for introducing drawing data, a plotte ...

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A circuit board, which comprises an insulating substrate, a copper wiring having a coarsely roughened surface provided on the insulating substrate, and a copper oxide-reduced layer provided on the coarsely roughened surface of the copper wiring and formed by reduction of copper oxide and electroless ...

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In an insulated type semiconductor device, a metal member is disposed between an insulating member and a circuit element which includes a semiconductor substrate. The metal member is a composite metal member having at least two different kinds of metal layers bonded to each other. In a preferred emb ...