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A battery separator comprising a nonwoven fabric, wherein the nonwoven fabric contains (1) superfine fibers having a fiber diameter of 3 μm or less, (2) noncircular fine fibers having a noncircular cross-sectional shape and having a fiber diameter of 3 to 5 μm (excluding 3 μm), the fiber diameter me ...

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A separation membrane and a method of producing the membrane are provided. The membrane can control its permselectivity and its fouled pores can be easily washed by using the reversible shape change of the membrane. For this purpose, porous shape memory polymers are used for the separation membrane.

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The present invention provides a rare metal/platinum-group metal extractant, which has a completely new structure compared with the conventional rare metal/platinum-group metal extractant and which exhibits excellent extraction performance; it also provides a method for extracting rare metals and pl ...

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A battery separator comprising a sheet material containing a polyvinyl alcohol cross-linked by a cross-linking group of the general formula (I): ##STR1## wherein A represents a group of --CH.dbd.CH--R.sub.1 or ##STR2## R.sub.1 represents an optionally substituted quaternary nitrogen-containing aroma ...

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A wiper switch of a wiper assembly includes a stopping position contact, an intermittent wiping position contact and a low-speed position contact which are respectively connected to a memory circuit, a trigger circuit and a preference circuit, wherein when the wiper switch is transferred from the st ...

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A wiper switch is connected to a wiper motor through a relay switch and further to a switch condition discrimination circuit which produces a trigger signal when the wiper switch is actuated from the closed state to the opened state and again to the closed state within a fixed time. A multivibrator ...

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Disclosed is a battery separator consisting essentially of a nonwoven fabric having a substantially unilayered structure, wherein an apparent total surface area of fibers per a surface density of the nonwoven fabric is 20 m2 or more, a thickness of the nonwoven fabric is 0.1 mm or less, a uniformity ...


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A battery separator is provided which is hardly broken by tension during the manufacture of batteries, is hardly punctured with a plate flash, and is hardly torn off with a plate edge, thereby hardly causing a short circuit. Accordingly, the separator can facilitate the stable manufacture of the bat ...

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According to one implementation, a blast treatment device includes an injection part and a circulating system. The injection part injects media toward a workpiece made with a composite material. The media each has a weight difference from a resinic particle dropping from the composite material. The ...