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A pneumatic radial tire includes a belt arranged on the radially outer side of a carcass, and a band arranged on the radially outer side of the belt and composed of one or more continuous organic fiber cords wound spirally and approximately parallel to the circumferential direction of the tire. A ra ...

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A drill insert has a polygon plate-shaped body that defines a top face and a central shaft extending substantially perpendicular to the top face. A pair of first cutting edges are formed on the top face in a dot symmetrical relation with respect to the central shaft. A pair of second cutting edges a ...

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A puncture sealant supplying/removing apparatus includes a pressure-resistant bottle, an apparatus body on which the pressure-resistant bottle can be mounted, supply hose means which supplies or returns a puncture sealant accommodated in the pressure-resistant bottle to or from a tire, and a high pr ...

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A tire puncture sealant set comprises a bottle having a body and a threaded neck portion provided with an outlet, a puncture sealant in the bottle, an inside plug put into the outlet, an outer cap screwed onto the neck portion for covering the inside plug, an injector replaceable with the outer cap, ...

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A tire puncture sealant comprises a latex of natural rubber, an emulsion of a tackifier and an antifreezing agent, wherein the tackifier is an aromatic modified terpene resin, and given that the total A+B+C of the solid content A of the natural rubber latex, the solid content B of the tackifier emul ...

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A pneumatic safety tire in which each sidewall portion is provided with a minimum thickness at a position E between an outer edge point A and a 65% height point B both located on each side of the tire equator, where the outer edge points A are defined as the axially outer edges of a ground contactin ...

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This invention relates to high-speed radial tires, and more particularly to radial tires wherein the thickness ratio (Gc-Gs)/Gc, that is the ratio of the difference between the crown tread thickness Gc, which is a thickness of the tread on the equator of the tire, and the shoulder tread thickness Gs ...

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A radial tire comprises a carcass, a tread thereon, a breaker therebetween, bead cores, and rubber bead apexes, and is characterized in that:

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A puncture repair kit has a bottle unit positioned with greater stability. A puncture repair kit includes a compressor device, and a bottle unit in which a cap is attached to an opening in a bottle container which houses a puncture sealing agent. The compressor device includes a compressed air disch ...

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A puncture sealing agent for a tire is at least comprising a rubber latex, an adhesive agent, and an antifreezing agent, wherein propylene glycol is used as the antifreezing agent, and further the ratio of the propylene-glycol to the total weight of the puncture sealing agent is set from 20 to 40% b ...