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The position of cutter blades relative to a die in a pelletizing apparatus is adjusted in such a manner that during the advancement of the rotating cutter blades towards the die, when the cutter blades come into contact with the surface of the die, electrical signal pulses are produced, which in tur ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method and a device for detecting a minute circuit pattern with high resolution to detect a defect. SOLUTION: This device is made up of an objective lens for detecting an image of a sample, a laser lighting means for lighting the pupil thereof, a means for reducing ...

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This invention concerns detergents composed of hollow spherical pellets which have various advantages such as small apparent specific gravity, moderate congeability even at a high temperature and humidity, uniformity in diameter, and extremely high mechanical strength as well as high water solubilit ...

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This invention relates to a heat shrinkable synthetic resin cover (10) adapted to cover a joint between two pipes or an electric cable, the cover comprises a heat shrinkable synthetic resin member (12) in which is embedded a flexible electric heating element (13) made of a conductor coated with a cr ...


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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide ultrashort pulse fiber laser equipment having high excitation efficiency and reliability.SOLUTION: Pulse fiber laser equipment is provided with an optical fiber amplification element 2 generating a laser beam, reflectors connected to the front part and the rear part ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To detect a minute flaw by means of a high-resolution image by irradiating a sample with polarized light, detecting its reflected light for computing a positional deviation of a focal point in the optical axis, and detecting reflected light from the sample surface adjusted in h ...

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Automatic tracking lighting equipment for automatically tracking a target to be lighted and floodlighting it is provided. In the automatic tracking lighting equipment, a spotlight 1 is provided pivotally in a horizontal direction and a vertical direction on a ceiling surface 13, where a horizontal d ...

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Cyclic tetrapeptide derivatives represented by general formula (I) or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, cyclic tetrapeptide compounds analogous thereto, and histone deacetylase inhibitors, MHC class-1 molecule expression promoters and medicinal compositions containing these cyclic tetrapept ...

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In a pelletizing apparatus for synthetic resins, the coarse and fine adjustments of the gap between a cutter knife and a die are effected through coarse and fine shiftings of the cutter shaft caused by the operation of separate means adapted for the coarse and fine shiftings, respectively.