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A digital-to-analog converter includes a decoder, a full differential type low-pass filter, and first to fourth switches. The decoder has first and second inputs and first and second outputs. The low-pass filter has first and second inputs and first and second outputs. The first switch has a first t ...

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An electronic system pocketbook apparatus includes a foldable and portable main body, an expansion card holder mounted on the main body, a necessary number of expansion cards held by the expansion card holder, and a communicating unit. The main body has a functions of right and left portions coupled ...

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A method and apparatus for rendering PCB virulence-free is provided. The PCB to be treated is pre-heated with exhaust heat before it is introduced into a combustion furnace to facilitate the reaching of its boiling point, and the pre-heated PCB is caused to ascend through a layer of mineral particle ...

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A water mixing cock has a noise-preventing structure and comprises a fixed plate, an opposing movable plate valve, a hollow chamber in the movable plate valve, a valve operator for rotating the movable plate valve so that either hot or cold or mixed water is allowed to flow through the hollow chambe ...

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The invention relates the mixing valve for controlling the mixture of hot and cold water. The valve takes the form of a fixed and movable plate. A recessed guide groove in the movable plate is formed as a blind groove cooperating with hot and cold water ports and an outlet in the fixed plate. The gu ...

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A charge and discharge control unit (41) sets an upper-limit charge and discharge electric power as an upper limit of electric power during charging and discharging of a electric storage device (11) based on temperature of the electric storage device (11) measured by a temperature measuring unit (21 ...

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A fixture for thermostatically mixing hot and cold water from hot- and cold-water pipes. The diameters of the annular axes of seals provided on both ends of a control valve are equal to the inside diameter of the valve guide for the control valve. The space left between the external surface of a tem ...

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Disclosed is a cellobiose phosphorylase gene coding for a protein consisting of the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 16 as set forth in the Sequence Listing, a plasmid vector comprising the cellobiose phosphorylase gene and a transformant transformed with the plasmid vector.

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According to the present invention, first, the first biometric information “a” is divided equally and biometric information “a” and biometric information “a′” are generated, the second biometric information “b” is divided equally and biometric information “b′” and biometric information “b″” are simi ...

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The present invention provides an oligonucleotide derivative that enables to easily synthesize an oligonucleotide derivative chemically modified at the 3′-end with two moieties each having a benzene or pyridine structure with a few steps, an aromatic compound serving as a precursor for preparing the ...