Dealy John F, York Michael W: Firearm having a carrying handle and associated rear sight. Fairchild, July 3, 1973: US3742636 (35 worldwide citation)

A firearm having a receiver, a barrel connected to the forward portion of the receiver, a front sight connected to the forward portion of the barrel, and a carrying handle connected to the receiver. The carrying handle has a grip member portion that is adapted to be used for carrying the firearm and ...

CRUSE RICHARD W , YORK MICHAEL W , POHL ERIC R , CHAVES ANTONIO , JOSHI PRASHANT : [de] Polysulfide mit siliertem cyclischem Kern, deren Herstellung und Verwendung in gefüllten Elastomerzusammensetzungen, [en] Silated cyclic core polysulfides, their preparation and use in filled elastomer compositions, [fr] Polysulfures à noyau silicié, leur préparation et leur utilisation dans des compositions élastomères remplies. MOMENTIVE PERFORMANCE MAT  , January 28, 2015: EP2829544-A1

[en] This invention relates to novel sulfur-containing silane coupling agents, and organic polymers containing carbon-carbon double bonds. These novel silanes can be carried on organic and inorganic fillers. The invention also relates to articles of manufacture, particularly tires, made from the ela ...