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A cooling/heating and power generating device utilizes waste heat from an automobile to produce an auxiliary energy source for driving various accessories such as a cooling/heating apparatus, an electric generator, a super charger and the like. Waste heat is dissipated from the engine by waste gases ...

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A method for fabricating a charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor including the steps of: forming a plurality of photoelectric conversion regions and a plurality of vertical charge coupled device (VCCD) regions by a selective injection of second conductivity-type ions into a first conductivity-typ ...

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An improved process for the purification of wet-process phosphoric acid (WPPA) with acetone and ammonia. The main product is the purified acid and a byproduct is the impure acid fraction in a liquid form containing most of the impurities including the added ammonia. The WPPA is mixed with acetone an ...

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A reference voltage generator circuit is provided for use with an extremely low power supply voltage. The reference voltage generator circuit produces a lower reference output voltage which is compensated for temperature variations and is independent of changes in the supply voltage. The reference o ...

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Fiber based z-directional reinforced composites having enhanced inter-laminar strength, impact toughness, transmission properties (electrical and thermal conduction) and coefficient of thermal expansion are provided. The composites include at least two substrates separated by a reinforcement zone th ...

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A process for the removal and recovery of sulfur oxides from gas streams by contacting the gas stream with an aqueous suspension of melamine whereupon a mixture of solid, hydrated melamine sulfites, hydrated melamine sulfate is formed. The solids are separated from the reaction product and the clari ...

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A method is provided for the fabrication of a fibrous structure. Fibers are deposited in a hopper connected to an electrode. A mesh covers the hopper opening and the hopper is inverted and suspended over an adhesive coated substrate. An electric field is generated between the hopper and the substrat ...

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A method of reducing read errors in a non-volatile memory device that result from bit-line or word-line disturb conditions generated by erase operations includes selecting a subset of a memory array for refresh after each erase operation. A pointer to the refresh target section is updated as part of ...

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Swabs, and materials of the present disclosure, and methods of making same, include randomly arranged sea-island bicomponent fibers which have randomly splayed terminal ends.

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An improved level shifter circuit is provided which is designed for use with an extremely low power supply voltage. The level shifter circuit includes a fourth NMOS transistor, a third PMOS transistor, and a fifth NMOS transistor connected in series and interconnected between the high voltage and th ...