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A method for forming identifying indicia (20) on a cathode ray tube (1) applies a paint (P) containing a powdered metal to a particular exterior surface portion of a glass envelope, forming a part of the cathode ray tube (1), to form a solid paint layer. Then at least a part of the solid paint layer ...

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The invention provides a film forming device. The multiple raw material gas react on the surface of heated treating base plate (5) and form film. Said treating room (1) comprises heating room (1a) and reacting room (1b), located at position relative to treating base plate (5), a raw material gas dis ...

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To use the molecule string flow status gas with high etching rate to ingot composition for cutting the ingot. The gas will remove the cutting surface of ingot gradually and become wafers finally. We can reduce the cutting thickness loss, keep the clean environment and get a smooth cutting surface by ...