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A polyolefin composition and the same especially used for producing vehicle exterior members which is excellent in softness, impact resistance, moldability, appearance, restorable property and so forth. The composition comprises 20 to 70% by weight of a crystalline propylene polymer (a); 10 to 50% b ...


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A composition having improved transparency and being substantially free from a bleeding phenomenon comprising 100 parts by weight of polypropylene and 0.005 to 8 parts by weight of a 1.3,2.4-di(alkylbenzylidene) sorbitol with each alkyl group having 2 to 18 carbon atoms.

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An electrically-conductive polyolefin resin composition having excellent resin flow properties which comprises (a) a polyolefin resin, (b) sulfur, (c) a plate adhesion promoter, (d) an electrically-conductive carbon black, and (e) a flow improver.

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A polypropylene-base resin composition comprising a polypropylene-base resin and carbon black in an amount of 0.01-0.6 wt. % based on the polypropylene-base resin and being suitable for use in the production of molded articles having excellent paintability.

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An electroconductive polyolefin composition comprising (a) 100 parts by weight of a polyolefin resin, (b) 10 to 60 parts by weight of carbon black, (c) 0.1 to 6 parts by weight of sulfur and (d) 0.1 to 5 parts by weight of trithiolcyanuric acid, and optionally containing 5 to 60 parts by weight of a ...

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Disclosed herein is a polypropylene-base resin composition obtained by heating at a temperature of 170.degree. C.-280.degree. C. a mixture containing a crystalline ethylene-propylene block copolymer having a specific composition, an ethylene-propylene copolymer rubber having a specific composition a ...

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The present invention relates to polypropylene resin compositions that exhibit an improved smell over prior art polypropylene resin compositions and comprises a polypropylene resin containing an inorganic filler, at least one phenolic antioxidant, at least one phosphorus antioxidant, and fine powder ...


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A motor which uses a permanent magnet is provided in which output thrust is improved by increasing a magnetic saturation limit and preventing reduction in magnetic flux and generation of heat is reduced by inhibiting generation of an eddy current in a magnetic pole. An N magnetic pole is formed such ...