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An exemplary semiconductor processing system may include a remote plasma source coupled with a processing chamber having a top plate. An inlet assembly may be used to couple the remote plasma source with the top plate and may include a mounting assembly, which in embodiments may include at least two ...

Andrew Nguyen, Kartik Ramaswamy, Jason A Kenney, Shahid Rauf, Kenneth S Collins, Yang Yang, Steven Lane, Yogananda Sarode Vishwanath: Symmetrical inductively coupled plasma source with side RF feeds and spiral coil antenna. Applied Materials, Robert M Wallace, September 20, 2016: US09449794

A plasma reactor has an overhead multiple coil antennas including a parallel spiral coil antenna and symmetric and radial RF feeds and cylindrical RF shielding around the symmetric and radial RF feeds. The radial RF feeds are symmetrically fed to the plasma source.