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A method and apparatus for capturing information encoded within a surface, such as location information or document metadata, and associating the information with a document is described. The captured information may be obtained by a camera associated with a pointing or writing device having a camer ...

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A method and apparatus for determining a homography between an image and an expected image is described. The homography accounts for differences in perspective of a camera viewing an objective plane of the image, in some examples, a paper with information on it.

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Global metadata, such as a document identifier, which may be a globally unique identifier, is embedded into an embedded interactive code document by combining a first m-array and a plurality of copies of the first m-array to generate a combined m-array with encoded global metadata such that respecti ...

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X-y positions of a digital pen's tip may be determined by using a calibration parameter to map the x-y positions of the respective centers of images captured by the pen's camera. The calibration parameter may be generated by iteratively calculating estimates of the calibration parameter. Calibration ...

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Pre-processing techniques for processing an image to improve the distinctiveness of an information pattern captured in the image before the information pattern is analyzed in a decoding process. The brightness of an image first is normalized by dividing the image into blocks of areas, such as pixels ...

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A system and method for encoding a document image and finding a location based on that image are described. A document page is encoded into codes associated with various locations of the document page. The codes are assembled into a code book. Captured images may then be similarly encoded and search ...

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Systems and methods that determine a path of a pen tip as the pen tip is moved across a document are described. The document is watermarked with a maze pattern from which encoded position information is determined. A sequence of images is captured by a camera that is located in a pen. The path of th ...

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A method and system for decoding data on a medium that is captured by an input device is described. The method decodes a symbol design, such as an embedded interaction code (EIC), on a display screen, such as a liquid crystal display (LCD). An image that is captured by an input device, such as a uni ...

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A system and process for determining the location of a captured image from a larger image is described. Using a list of determined locations, the system is able to determine the best or most likely path of a pen tip.

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A method for identifying a portion of aggregated software security data is described. The method includes accessing aggregated data associated with software vulnerabilities retrieved from a plurality of on-line sources. The method further includes searching a portion of the aggregated data for an ex ...