Yin Hui: Method and device for transmitting data in optical transfer network. Huawei Technologies, September 30, 2009: CN200910107110

The embodiment of the invention discloses a method for transmitting data in an optical transfer network. The method comprises the following steps of: receiving and buffering branch service data, and obtaining a general framing protocol GFP clock according to a branch service clock and an optical tra ...



Cao Yongfeng, Chen Rong, Yin Hui: Method for supervising and classifying complex class of high-resolution remote sensing image. Wuhan University, Zhang Huochun, July 14, 2010: CN201010107379

The invention relates to the technical field of remote sensing image processing, in particular to a method for supervising and classifying the complex class of the high-resolution remote sensing image. The invention describes the image content in more details and more accuracy by extracting local fe ...




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1,154,764. Electric battery lamps. HUI DOON YIN. 18 March, 1968 [16 March, 1967], No. 12499/67. Heading F4R. In a torch containing a flat cylindrical battery 26, one terminal of which is formed by one face 27 and the other by the cup-shaped opposite face 28, the shell 20 of the bulb 24 is connected ...

Yin Hui Wong, Cheng Yu Tu, Cheen Liao: System and method for installing portable device drivers. Perkins Coie, Patent Sea, October 14, 2004: US20040205778-A1

A method for installing a peripheral device to a computer is disclosed. The peripheral device includes a driver storage formed integral to the peripheral device. The driver storage stores the device driver information. Upon connection to the computer, the peripheral device's driver storage imitates ...

Michael P Wallace, Marc Alan Levine, Delilah Yin Hui, Mary M Chen, Liem Ho: Stable coil designs. Lyon & Lyon, February 14, 2002: US20020019647-A1

This is an implantable vaso-occlusive device. The device has a complex, three-dimensional structure in a relaxed configuration that may be used in the approximate shape of an anatomical cavity. It may be deployed in the approximate shape of a sphere, an ovoid, a clover, a box-like structure or other ...