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An improved structure of a dielectric layer between two adjacent copper wiring lines is disclosed. The dielectric layer is composed of silicon oxide and the adjacent copper wiring lines are formed using a dual damascene process. The structure of the dielectric layer according to the present inventio ...

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A computer platform with a Call Billing application thereon monitors linksets of the CCS/SS7 network extending between Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) Signaling Transfer Points (STP) and Competitive Access Provider (CAP) switches such as End Offices (EO) and Tandem Offices, where the CAP switches have ...

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A dowel insertion tool includes a T-shaped handle and a hollow sleeve which extends distally from the T-shaped handle. A shaft extends from the handle through the hollow sleeve and includes a transverse extension. A rotatable knob having an annular channel positioned to receive the transverse extens ...

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A DC converter and a mode-switching method used in an electronic apparatus are included. The electronic apparatus includes a subsystem circuit. The DC power converter comprises a first voltage converting circuit electrically connected to the subsystem circuit, receiving a system voltage and a first ...

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A method for fabricating a self-aligned thin-film transistor, in accordance with the present invention, first involves forming a gate electrode on an insulating layer. Next, a gate dielectric layer is formed to enclose the gate electrode. Subsequently, a semiconductor layer, a conducting layer, and ...


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Connective tissue, including neo-tendons and ligaments, has been constructed using biodegradable synthetic scaffolds seeded with tenocytes. The scaffolds are preferably formed from biodegradable fibers formed of a polymer such as polyglycolic acid-polylactic acid copolymers, and seeded with cells is ...

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An on-line primary database is momentarily QUIESCED to enable a physically consistent snapshot of the primary database to be mirrored to a secondary database as a backup while allowing the primary database to continue on servicing multiple user applications.

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Thin layer capacitors are formed from a first flexible metal layer, a dielectric layer between about 0.03 and about 2 microns deposited thereon, and a second flexible metal layer deposited on the dielectric layer. The first flexible metal layer may either be a metal foil, such as a copper, aluminum, ...