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A user control interface is provided that is location dependent. Context control parameters are associated with location, and the user control interface is customized to the context within which the device is being operated. The control interface includes the presentation of context sensitive inform ...

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A hand-held information processing device, such as a mobile phone, has a thumb wheel that lets the user scan a circular array of options. Each respective one of the options is represented by a respective audio output that gets played out when the wheel is turned a notch up or down. This enables the ...

Yevgeniy Eugene Shteyn: Time- and location-driven personalized TV. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Gwenaelle Le Pennec, August 26, 2003: US06611654 (134 worldwide citation)

A server system enables a subscriber to select a specific broadcast program for recording and a specific location and time frame for play-out of the recorded program.

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A geographic region has a network of beacons. Each beacon transmits a short-range facilitation signal for receipt on a user's mobile communication device. The facilitation signal initiates associating the facilitation signal with a service and conditionally alerts the user to the service via th ...

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Home networks of different software architectures are integrated with each other. References to software representations of devices and services on a first one of the networks are automatically created. The references are semantically sufficient to enable automatic creation of at least partly functi ...

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A PC-based home automation system uses a low data-rate transport layer and COM-based software components for control of devices in a home automation network. The home automation system is merged with a messaging-based HAVi-network that uses IEEE 1394 as a high data-rate transport layer. The HAVi-net ...

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An information processing system has an electronic device and a controller for control of a functionality of the device. An abstract representation of the functionality is provided to the controller. The abstract representation exposes a modality of controlling the functionality. The controller enab ...

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The Internet is searched in order to find resources that provide streamable audio such as live Internet broadcasts. The resources are identified based on their file extension and are categorized according to, e.g., the natural language or music style. The user is enabled to browse the collection bas ...

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Tasking systems and methods are provided that support user interfaces for displaying objects, the displayed objects enabling user access to resources that provide for effecting tasks among the system and devices of the systems' environment. More particularly, tasking systems and methods are provided ...

Yevgeniy Eugene Shteyn: Partitioning of MP3 content file for emulating streaming. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, May 5, 2009: US07529806 (41 worldwide citation)

An electronic file, e.g., an MP3 file, is partitioned into a sequence of segments at the server side. The first segment is played out upon downloading. While the first segment is being played out, the second is being downloaded and buffered so that it is available when the play out of the first segm ...