Yeske Laurel R: Steering system for vehicles. J I Case Company, Dressler Goldsmith Clement & Gordon, September 9, 1975: US3903983 (23 worldwide citation)

A steering system is disclosed in this application wherein the rear wheels can be manually controlled by the operator or automatically controlled by the condition of the front wheels in various modes of operation. In the manual mode of operation, the rear wheels can be set at a desired angular posit ...

Yeske Laurel R: Row marking apparatus. J I Case Company, May 30, 1972: US3666019 (18 worldwide citation)

A row marking apparatus including first and second row markers individually pivoted at one end on a tool bar of a tractor. Each marker is pivoted between raised and lowered positions by a ram having its cylinder connected to the tool bar and its piston rod pivotally connected intermediate the ends o ...