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A plurality of light-emitting diodes are connected in series to elevate the working voltage. A plurality of said series connection are connected in parallel to maintain display even upon a disconnection accident. The total number of light-emitting diodes provides a bright and failure-safe colored li ...

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A light-responsive light-emitting diode display comprises a light-emitting diode circuit including a series connection of light-emitting diodes and a light-responsive current-controlling circuit connected in series to said light-emitting diode circuit for supplying a current thereto in correspondenc ...

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A terminal equipment control system which controls the operation state of multiple terminals having data communication with master equipment. A control signal of a specified duration is output from the master equipment to each of a plurality of multiple terminals, and the duration of the each contro ...

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Group II-VI compound semiconductor crystal containing Zn as group II element or mixed crystal containing the compound semiconductor crystal is etched by an etchant made of H.sub.2 SO.sub.4 aqueous solution dissolved with potassium permanganate KMNO.sub.4. Preferably, an etchant is moved round in a c ...

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A crystal solution growth method for growing a crystal by providing a temperature difference between the higher and lower regions of a solvent, and disposing a source crystal at a high temperature region of the solution and a seed crystal at a low temperature region of the solution. The crystal solu ...

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A solution growth apparatus for conducting an epitaxial growth of a compound semiconductor crystal from solution by relying on the temperature difference technique at a constant growth temperature and on a mass production scale without deranging the control of the growth temperature applied external ...

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A ZnSe source crystal is treated in a Se vapor pressure peaks are obtained when the Se pressure is 6 to 9 atoms dissolved in a Zn solvent to the saturation concentration at a high temperature portion in the solution. A ZnSe single crystal is grown on an underlie substrate placed at a low temperature ...

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A single crystal of gallium phosphide including 0.5 atomic ratio or less of indium is grown from a melt consisting of indium, gallium and phosphorous with an atomic ratio of gallium to phosphorous equal to at least 2.0.