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A device including a first discharge passage from a first rotor assembly to an engine, a first return passage that returns to an intake side of the first rotor assembly, a second discharge passage from a second rotor assembly to the engine, a second return passage that returns to an intake side of t ...

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A wire-cutting electric discharge machining device comprises a process precision detection device. The process precision detection device detects process error by measuring spacings between the wire electrode, which will be moved along a predetermined measurement path, and a processed edge of the wo ...

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A wire cutting electric discharge machine with a wire guide roller having a V-shaped groove beneath the workpiece, and a wire guide between the guide roller and a conveyor belt.

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The present invention provides an oil pump in which eroding of the inside of the pump due to cavitation and erosion is prevented by minimizing the pressure change in a fluid when inter-tooth spaces formed by an inner rotor and an outer rotor transport the fluid from the intake port to the discharge ...

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A trochoid oil pump, which enables the endurance to be increased and the reduction of discharge pulsations and noise to be achieved, and in which those results can be realized with a very simple structure. An interdental space constituted by an inner rotor and an outer rotor having trochoid tooth pr ...

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It is an object of the present invention to provide a trochoid type oil pump in which erosion of the rotor surfaces caused by cavitation is minimized, vibration and noise are reduced, and the structure is greatly simplified. The trochoid type oil pump of the present invention comprises a rotor chamb ...