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A tri-plate type dielectric filter having a dielectric substrate (24, 30, 32), a plurality of resonator electrodes (18) embedded in the substrate, and coupling electrodes (22, 26) formed within the dielectric substrate, for electrically connecting the resonator electrodes, so as to provide capacitor ...

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An actuator 20 is prepared which comprises an ink pump section 29 made by forming a spacer plate 25 with a plurality of window portions 28 formed thereon, a closure plate 23 stacked on one side of the spacer plate 25 for covering the window portions 28 and a connection plate 24 stacked on the other ...

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A distributed constant circuit board including a ceramic substrate, and at least one conductor pattern which is carried by the ceramic substrate and which forms a resonance circuit, an inductor, a capacitor or strip transmission line. The conductor pattern has an electrically conductive composition ...

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A method of producing a dielectric ceramic composition is disclosed which includes the steps of: preparing a main ceramic composition comprising BaO, TiO and REO (where RE represents at least one rare earth metal) as major components; calcining a mixture of starting materials which give the main cer ...

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A dielectric ceramic composition is disclosed which consists essentially of: a main ceramic composition containing barium oxide, titanium oxide, rare earth oxide and bismuth oxide as major components, which composition is represented by xBaO+/-yTiO+/-zÄ(1-a)REO+/-aBiOÜ where RE represents at least o ...


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A ceramic package for containing a semiconductor chip (3) including a heat radiating plate (1) and a base plate for wiring, and a ceramic package for containing a semi-conductor chip including a ceramic board (4), a ceramic cap (9) and a metal lead frame; in these packages the heat radiating plate a ...



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A multilayer ceramic substrate with circuit patterns in which Ag conductor patterns having a sheet resistivity lower than 3 milliohms/square are formed inside the substrate by co-firing with green ceramic sheets and Au conductor patterns are formed onto the surface of the substrate in such a way tha ...