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Retractable ball seats having a housing, a seat, and a plug such as a ball are disclosed. The seat has a retracted position that prohibits the ball from passing through the passageway and an expanded position that permits the ball to pass through the passageway. A time delay material, such as a diss ...

Yang Xu: High expansion anchor system. Baker Hughes Incorporated, Steve Rosenblatt, September 28, 2004: US06796380 (87 worldwide citation)

An anchor system for high expansion applications is described. It features a gripping member that holds together a pair of links. The movement of the links is regulated to assure the gripping member moves into proper contact with the casing. Meshing gears or a pin and slot can do this, for example. ...

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Fracturing tools for use in oil and gas wells are disclosed. The fracturing tools have a run-in position and two operational positions. A sleeve disposed in the bore of the fracturing tool comprises a sleeve port alignable with a first port in the housing of the frac tool, i.e., the first operationa ...

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A torsional cantilever is microfabricated for reduced size to increase its resonance frequency, increase its scanning speed, and permit fabrication of large numbers in an array to provide parallel scanning. The cantilever may incorporate a tip for highly sensitive force detection. The device prefera ...

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A trigger device for setting a downhole tool is disclosed. The trigger device includes a retaining member that prevents the downhole tool from setting until it is properly positioned within the well. Regardless of the type of downhole tool or the type of trigger device, the retaining member includes ...

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A method and apparatus for running a liner into a well bore, hanging the liner to a casing, perforating the liner, cementing the liner in, setting a liner packer, and establishing sand control, all in one trip.

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A telescopic member includes, at least a central component and a barrier disposed within the central component, the barrier has a selectively tailorable dissolution rate curve and has structural properties enabling the containment of high pressure prior to structural failure of the barrier through d ...

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A gas chromatograph with multiple valves is disclosed. An embodiment of the multi-valve gas chromatograph includes multiple valves, multiple thermal conductivity detectors (TCD's), and a manifold. This allows separation and measurement of a gas sample in one compact integrated unit. The unit is ...

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A flow control arrangement includes a housing defining one or more openings therein. A valve structure is alignable and misalignable with the one or more openings in the housing. Further included in the flow control arrangement is one or more plugs, one each in each of the one or more openings. Each ...

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A wellbore cleanup tool is run on slickline. It has an onboard power supply and circulation pump. Inlet flow is at the lower end into an inlet pipe that keeps up fluid velocity. The inlet pipe opens to a surrounding annular volume for sand containment and the fluid continues through a screen and int ...