Yang Xiaohui, Fuss Arthur: Eas system employing pseudorandom coding system and method. Yang Xiaohui, Fuss Arthur, June 29, 2005: EP1547038-A1

A system and method is provided for reducing noise interference in a way that employs pseudorandom coding. A transmitter and receiver are provided to send and receive a string of non-periodic pulses (10, 20). The string of non-periodic pulses (10, 20) can be a sequence of pseudorandom codes. The ran ...

Yang Xiaohui, Zhang Dianxiang: Tech. for mfg. metallic photograph by photochemical etching. Dalian Science &Amp Engineering Univ, pei yuyang, December 2, 1998: CN97110673

The invention relates to a kind of technique for making metal photograph by means of photochemical etching process. It is characterized by using photochemical etching process to make removal working treatment on metal surface and utilizing the removal working depth variation to represent the tones d ...

Feng Jingtao, Rong Bing, Yan Jiabing, Yang Xiaohui: System and method for testing measured object based on automatic test script. Huawei Technologies, zheng limeng, November 22, 2006: CN200510130429

The related testing method based on automatic testing script comprises: forming the testing pre-process script and post-process script, extracting out the global pre-process and shared script information during testing to set into former pre-process script, and the global post-process information af ...





Rong Bing, Yang Xiaohui: Method for implementing parallel script execution. Huawei Technologies, June 2, 2004: CN02152553

A method for realizing script parallel execution comprising, establishing a set of instructions for realizing script paralleling and storing it into the expanded library, when parallel script is needed, loading the instructions in the expanded library into the internal memory, executing the instruct ...


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