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An improved packet forwarding arrangement for making quick and efficient next hop determinations through the creation and exchange of router-unique tags used as an index into a novel database of route information. The improved packet forwarding system operates independently of connectionless network ...


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The invention is directed toward techniques for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) upstream label assignment for the Resource Reservation Protocol with Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE). The techniques include extensions to the RSVP-TE that enable distribution of upstream assigned labels in Path mess ...

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The invention provides a method and system for multicast packet routing, in which only selected routers in a network subset (in a preferred embodiment, those routers on the border of the domain) maintain routing information external to the network subset, while all other routers in the network subse ...

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Principles of the invention are described for providing multicast virtual private networks (MVPNs) across a public network that are capable of carrying high-bandwidth multicast traffic with increased scalability. In particular, the MVPNs may transport layer three (L3) multicast traffic, such as Inte ...

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When a node has to restart its control component, or a (e.g., label-switched path signaling) part of its control component, if that node can preserve its forwarding information across the restart, the effects of such restarts on label switched path(s) the include the restarting node are minimized. A ...

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A transport LAN segment service is provided over a transport network. The transport network will include edge devices configured to support one or more transparent LAN segments. Configuration is simplified by advertising TLS-port-label information, layer 2 address learning, and multicasting when the ...