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[en] The present invention relates to a central tube type optical fibre micro-cable with high optical fibre density including an outer sheath (4) and a polycarbonate loose tube (2) covered by the outer sheath (4). The outer sheath (4) includes a plurality of circumferentially spaced longitudinally e ...





Yang Zhao, Xiong Zhuang, Shao Min: Method for measuring and locating leakage of gas pipelines. Tianjin University, Dong Yining, January 13, 2010: CN200910070101

The invention discloses a method for measuring and locating leakage of a gas pipeline network based on a geographic information system (GIS) and supervisory control and data acquisition technology (SCADA). The specific method comprises the following steps of establishing a gas pipeline network GIS s ...

Li Hua, Shuai Xisong, Tian Zhenchang, Xiong Zhuang, Li Dong: Clamping fixture. Hongfujin Precision Industry, July 1, 2009: CN200710203564

The invention relates to a clamp, which comprises a base body, a moving and transmitting device, a fixed arm and a pushing device, wherein the moving and transmitting device comprises a pushing block, a connecting element and a guide element. The pushing block is provided with an inclined lateral su ...