Drake Eddie, Annapureddy Satish, Wald Hans, Cezeaux Tom, Xie Weihong, Perng Shyan Ming, Gordhan Sagar: Open architecture for internet protocol television. Nokia Siemens Networks & Co Kg, Drake Eddie, Annapureddy Satish, Wald Hans, Cezeaux Tom, Xie Weihong, Perng Shyan Ming, Gordhan Sagar, CHUNG David D, November 16, 2006: WO/2006/122024 (15 worldwide citation)

An embodiment of the present invention adopts a modular client and server architecture to accommodate the needs of large broadband service providers (BSP). It will evolve the current monolithic software platform to a modular architecture based on the Open Services Gateway (OSGI) model, which support ...

Xie Weihong, Zhi Chunhan, Tao Desheng: Composition comprising radix codonopsis pilosulae and radix astragali for the treatment of acute lung injury. Li Min Pharmaceutical Factory, April 20, 2005: EP1523988-A1

The invention relates to a composition of Radix Codonopsis and Radix Astragali of which the main component is prepared according to a certain weight ratio of Radix Codonopsis and Radix Astragali. The invention also provides a method of preparing the pharmaceutical composition and its applications in ...


Xie Weihong, Li Naiqing, Tu Pengfei: Immunity regulation medicine composition, and its prepn. method. Limin Pharmaceutical Factory, Lizhu Group, sha cha guan chang, July 21, 2004: CN03123045

A Chinese medicine for regulating immunity and suppressing tumor is prepared from pilose asiabell root and astragalus root (1:1). Its preparing process is also disclosed.

Xie Weihong, Chen Maoru, Liu Xuehua: Intravenous inject contg. pseudo-ginseng total saponin and its prodn. method. Liming Pharmaceutical Factory, Lizhu Group, sha cha guan chang, July 21, 2004: CN03130709

An intravenous injection of common notoginseng saponin for preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and their sequelae is prepared through dissolving the isotonic agent in distalled water, adding activated carbon, filtering, adding common notoginseng saponin, dissolving wh ...


Han Dengfeng, Jiao Yousheng, Yuwen Jianpeng, Ma Xiaoqin, Xie Weihong: Synthetic cast iron for production of hydraulic piece and preparation method thereof. Csic No 12 Research Institute, luodi, April 16, 2008: CN200710019198

The invention discloses a synthetic cast iron for hydraulic member production, the mass percentage of the compositions is as follows: 1.8 percent to 3.3 percent of C, 1.8 percent to 2.0 percent of Si, 0.4 percent to 0.7 percent of Mn, 0 percent to 0.3 percent Cr, 0 percent to 0.5 percent of Cu and t ...

Ding Anzi, Fang Guijie, Li Yongjin, Wang Hui, Xie Weihong: Preparation method of protein molecule engram film. Hubei University of Technology, Wang Minfeng, July 14, 2010: CN200910273432

The invention discloses a preparation method of a protein molecule engram film, comprising the following steps: 1. pretreatment of carrier sheet glass used for preparing a protein molecule engram film: putting a cover glass into a beaker, adding cleaning agent and deionized water, and processing by ...

Perng Shyan Ming, Ersoz Nathaniel H, Gautier Arnaud, Xie Weihong: Method and system for storing mpeg-2 programs to media and playback. Myrio, March 16, 2005: EP1514186-A1

Methods and systems for processing streams of media data. The system may allow for the demultiplexing (110) of a multiple multi-program transport stream ("MPTS") into a single program transport stream ("SPTS"). The system also provides a data structure for storing a program that facilities the rapid ...

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