Christian W Mucke, Tarik Tabet, Xiangying Yang: RF chain management in a carrier aggregation capable wireless communication device. Apple, Downey Brand, August 25, 2015: US09119211

A method for managing radio frequency (RF) chains in a carrier aggregation capable wireless communication device is provided. The method can include a wireless communication device using a first RF chain associated with a first component carrier and a second RF chain associated with a second compone ...

Yuan Zhu, Xiangying Yang, Hujun Yin: Detection and recovery of HARQ NAK-to-ACK feedback error in wireless communications systems. Intel Corporation, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt P C, February 17, 2015: US08959409

In wireless communication networks that use ARQ/HARQ feedback protocols, when a first device receives an apparent HARQ ACK from a second device, the first device may make a new transmission using a HARQ Channel ID whose previous usage was under conditions indicating a likelihood of error in the ACK. ...

Yujian Zhang, Xiangying Yang, Jing Zhu, Xue Yang, Emily Qi, Carlos Cordeiro: Apparatus and methods of time domain multiplexing solutions for in-device coexistence. INTEL CORPORATION, January 16, 2018: US09872307

Embodiments of systems and methods for time domain multiplexing solutions for in-device coexistence are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.

Yuan Zhu, Qinghua Li, Xiangying Yang, Xiaogang Chen: Techniques for formatting signals for transmission using a wireless network. Intel Corporation, Glen B Choi, July 9, 2013: US08483203

Techniques are described for forming signals for transmission to a receiver. Two transmitters can form resource blocks with different Physical Uplink Control Channel (PUCCH) demodulation reference signal (DMRS) patterns that are orthogonal over time and/or frequency to each other. The transmitters c ...

Alexei Vladimirovich Davydov, Alexander Alexandrovich Maltsev, Gregory Vladimirovich Morozov, Vadim S Sergeyev, Yuan Zhu, Kamran Etemad, Xiangying Yang, Yujian Zhang: Co-phasing of transmissions from multiple infrastructure nodes. Intel Corporation, Alpine Technology Law Group, January 31, 2017: US09559884

Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, mobile station or user equipment receives pilot signals from two or more infrastructure nodes in a distributed antenna system, and calculates phase or timing information, or combinations thereof, from the pilot signals. The mobile station feeds ba ...

Hongseok Kim, Xiangying Yang, Muthaiah Venkatachalam: Dual base stations for wireless communications systems. Intel Corporation, Alpine Technology Law Group, April 7, 2015: US09001783

A network apparatus comprises a controller to determine a first base station for transmitting data and to determine a second different base station for receiving data. In one embodiment, the network apparatus further comprises a transceiver to transmit data to the first base station while associated ...

Huaning Niu, Jong Kae Fwu, Xiangying Yang: Method to support an asymmetric time-division duplex (TDD) configuration in a heterogeneous network (HetNet). INTEL CORPORATION, Thorpe North & Western, November 22, 2016: US09504084

A method to support an asymmetric time-division duplex (TDD) configuration at a macro node in a heterogeneous network (HetNet) is disclosed. The method at the macro node comprises transmitting a half blank subframe (HBS) of a downlink subframe during an uplink subframe of a low power node in the Het ...

Xiangying Yang, Li Li, Jerrold Von Hauck: Electronic subscriber identity module provisioning. Apple, Downey Brand, August 8, 2017: US09730072

A method for preparing an eSIM for provisioning is provided. The method can include a provisioning server encrypting the eSIM with a symmetric key. The method can further include the provisioning server, after determining a target eUICC to which the eSIM is to be provisioned, encrypting the symmetri ...

Yuan Zhu, Alexei Vladimirovich Davydov, Rongzhen Yang, Kamran Etemad, Xiangying Yang, Jong Kae Fwu, Yang Seok Choi, Yujian Zhang, Qinghua Li, Xinrong Wang: Apparatuses and methods for CSI-RS configuration in distributed RRH systems. Intel Corporation, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, April 19, 2016: US09319965

Apparatuses and methods for channel state information reference signal (CSI-RS) configuration in distributed remote radio head (RRH) systems are described. A transmission point selection module can receive a user equipment (UE) signal via a transmission point from a plurality of transmission points ...

Xiangying Yang, Li Li, Jerrold Von Hauck: Enforcing service policies in embedded UICCs. Apple, Downey Brand, April 10, 2018: US09942755

The embodiments set forth techniques for an embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) to conditionally require, when performing management operations in association with electronic Subscriber Identity Modules (eSIMs), human-based authentication. The eUICC receives a request to perform a man ...

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