Yan Junqing, Wu Zhiming, Chen Jie: Data communication data output method and corresponding output management device. Huawei Technology, dai changmeng, January 22, 2003: CN01129271 (1 worldwide citation)

The data communication information output method includes transferring the information items with transmitted information to special data base; transferring the information parameters of the transmitted information to one general control and management modules; recalling, receiving and re-arranging ...


RAMIREZ PEREZ ADRIANA CITLALI, TEAGUE ALAN G, WALZ MILTON A, WU ZHIMING: [en] Attenuating internal multiples from seismic data. GECO TECHNOLOGY, September 4, 2013: GB2499898-A

[en] A method for removing internal multiples from collected data, such as seismic data. The method includes predicting internal multiples for each horizon in a plurality of horizons that created the internal multiples. The internal multiples may be predicted from the seismic data in one pass. After ...


Xu Rongsen, Wu Zhiming, Ning Qi: Alpha hydroxy – alpha phenyl phenylacetic acid 8 – aza dicyclo [3. 2. 1] – 3 heptyl ester, midbody compound, and preparation method. Lujian Medicins Tech, Shanghai, July 25, 2007: CN200610023365

This invention discloses a method for preparing a key intermediate of trospium chloride, alpha-hydroxy-alpha-phenylphenylacetic acid 8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]-3-heptyl ester, and the intermediates during the preparation process, alpha-hydroxy-alpha-phenyl phenylacetic acid 8-aralkyl oxyl formyl-8-azabicyc ...

Wu Zhiming, Shi Xueli, Cai Jianchun, Shen Feng, Jiang Wei: Horizontal type scraper centrifuger. Zhangjiagang Huada Centrifugal Machine Manufacturing, huang chunsong, July 19, 2006: CN200610038015

The invention discloses a horizontal scraper centrifuger, which comprises the following parts: chassis, mechanic driving unit and centrifugal separation working unit, wherein the big through-wall flat and assembly board are fixed on the chassis; the connection board is set between the big through-wa ...

Zhang Huachen, Xie Xiaoqiang, Wu Zhiming, Deng Yiou, Zhang Jin: Path selecting method. Huawei Technology, song zhiqiang ma haimeng, November 8, 2006: CN200510135982

The present invention discloses a selection path method. It contains A, start router judging whether existing not needing occupying other LSP route, if existing then executing step B, otherwise executing step C; B, selecting one route in not needing occupying other LSP route and ending said process; ...


Zheng Liangyuan, Wu Zhiming: Preparing process of insulin powder inhalant. Shanghai Xingkang Medicine Research &Amp Development, luo dachen, January 19, 2005: CN03129160

The invention discloses a method for preparing insulin dry powder inhalant. The process includes following steps: feeding insulin or physical or dry freezed composition of insulin and dispersal glidant into crushing chamber through nozzle, contacting with high speed air current, and crushing them to ...

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