Wu Yilin: Amusing sandbag. Wu Yilin, zhangxiu fu, November 19, 2008: CN200710015750

The invention discloses an interesting sand bag, which belongs to the technology field of the sports goods. The interesting sand bag comprises a well-known sand bag body and fillers, at least an interlayer is arranged on the outer surface of the sand bag body, an opening is arranged on the interlaye ...

Tian Shaopeng, Wu Yilin, Deng Huimin, Zhao Shujin, Han Liping, Li Jianhong: Medicament composite for diabetes mellitus and preparation method threreof. Guangzhou Zhongyi Pharmaceutical, zengmin hui, June 25, 2008: CN200710031807

The invention discloses a drug combination for preventing and treating diabetic and the preparation method. The active component of the drug combination is processed with raw medicine membranous milkvetch root, anemarrhena rhizome and pupa. The invention is able to be processed into any common oral ...



Teng Shiyuan, Lu Zhiping, Shi Jiqing, Wu Yilin, Wu Ya, Wang Huaiqing, Wang Dongsen, Zhao Gang, Guo Chuanmin, Chen Jianfang: Snail prevention and treatment device. Wujiang City Miaopu Group, Sun Fangwei, July 29, 2009: CN200910114925

The invention relates to a device for preventing and controlling snails. The device comprises a baffle for preventing the snails from entering a protected matted bed, and a collector for collecting the snails retaining on the baffle. The baffle comprises a vertically arranged baffle body, a top flan ...

Wu Xianghan, Wu Yilin: Grounding current detection method and device thereof. Wu Xianghan, DENG MING, July 17, 1991: CN90100039

The invention provides a grounding current measuring method and device with high sensitivity for use in power supply system. In this invention, a high impedance current receiver for measuring grounding current is fitted as required at the concerned part in the system and operates to detect as low as ...

Gao Quanzhong, Xie Shoubo, Tan Ying, Wu Yilin, Gan bin, Mou Yongjian: The sharing load method in wireless cellular overlap area. Huawei Technologies, Gao Quanzhong, Xie Shoubo, Tan Ying, Wu Yilin, Gan bin, Mou Yongjian, UNITALEN ATTORNEYS AT LAW, February 23, 2006: WO/2006/017984

A sharing load method in wireless cellular overlap area, the area at least includes two service network. The method comprises : the multimode mobile terminal captures service system and into idle mode after power on, the service system acquires the information of network loading. Transmitting the ne ...

Wu Yilin, Xue Fuyuan, Yang Kaijie: Method and device for sensing electric discharge of circuit, touch panel and electronic device. Toppoly Optoelectronics, Di Hu, March 24, 2010: CN200810215266

The invention provides a control method and a control device for sensing the electric discharge of a circuit, a touch panel and an electronic device. By fine-adjusting the discharge time of a currentsource in the sensing circuit of the touch panel on a digital-control basis, the invention can contro ...

Xue Fuyuan, Wu Yilin: Control method, control circuit and electronic system. Toppoly Optoelectronics, Bo Maiwen, September 30, 2009: CN200810084274

The invention relates to a control method, a control circuit and an electronic system, wherein the control circuit is suitable for a contact control panel. The contact control panel is provided with a capacitance module. The capacitance module is coupled with a node. The control circuit comprises a ...

Peng Zhiyong, Xu Zhiwan, Huang Nongzhe, Wu Yilin: Multiphase voltage regulator on motherboard. Asustek Computer, chenchen wushi hua, October 29, 2008: CN200810096210

The invention discloses a multi-phase voltage regulator on a main board, comprising a pulse width modulation control unit which generates N pulse signals within a first time period; a pulse signal extension circuit which receives the N pulse signals and generates M pulse signals, furthermore, M is e ...

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