Chen Kui, Ji Lijun, Wu Yanyang, Wu Bin, Zhou Min, Zhu Jiawen: Modified method for preparing sclareolide from sclareol. East China University of Science and Technology, Chen Shuzhang, July 21, 2010: CN201010023007

The invention relates to a preparation method of sclareolide, comprising the following steps of: (a). oxidizing sclareol to obtain a crude sclareolide product; and (b) crystallizing the crude sclareolide product obtained in the step (a) to obtain a pure sclareolide product. The preparation method is ...



Chen Kui, Fang Jiang, Ji Lijun, Li Yanjun, Shen Yaling, Wu Yanyang, Wu Bin, Zhu Jiawen: Method for separating and extracting 2,3-butanediol. East China University of Science and Technology, Di Hu, June 16, 2010: CN200810202188

The invention discloses a method for separating and extracting 2,3-butanediol. The method comprises the steps of: taking solution obtained by performing preliminary separation such as flocculation, filtration, membrane separation and the like on an 2,3-butanediol fermentation liquid as a raw materia ...

Zhu Jiawen, Sun Ying, Chen Kui, Zhu Sheng, Xu Jie, Wu bin, Ji Lijun, Wu Yanyang: Method for purification of erythromycin a. East China University Of Science And Technology, chen shuzhang, February 18, 2009: CN200810200378

The present invention relates to a method for refining erythromycin A from erythromycin base (crude product). The refining method mainly includes the following steps: the erythromycin base undergoes column chromatography to produce target compound, and the characteristic is that the adsorption resin ...



Yang Xia, Yu Jiuyang, Xu Jianmin, Luo Yan, Wang Chenggang, Wu Yanyang, Cao Pengbin: Electric field strengthened heat transmission and heat exchange machine. Wuhan Institute Of Technology, February 4, 2009: CN200810196900

The present invention relates to a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, in particular relates to a shell-and-tube heat exchanger that can adopt the compulsory heat transferring technology of the electric-water kinetics to realize the high-efficient heat exchanging. The electric-field intensified heat-tran ...

Yang Xia, Xu Jianmin, Yu Jiuyang, Wang Chenggang, Zheng Xianzhong, Wu Yanyang, Ma Jihong, Luo Yan: Pulsating flow intensified heat transmission heat exchanger. Wuhan Institute of Technology, Cui Youmeng, July 8, 2009: CN200910060615

The invention relates to a shell and tube heat exchanger, in particular to a pulsating flow enhanced heat transfer heat exchanger which utilizes pulsating flow generators to produce pressure pulsating flow to enhance the heat transfer. The heat exchanger comprises a shell, an upper end enclosure, a ...