Wu Jingbo: Cervical carcinoma single tube afterloading source applicator capable of being used for ct scan. Affiliated Hospital Of Luzhou Medical College, weichang wei, April 2, 2008: CN200710050108

The present invention discloses a cervical carcinoma afterloading source applicator that scans and images through a CT machine for a cervical carcinoma afterloading therapy. The invention comprises a hollow source application pipe, one end of which is connected with an afterloading unit source appli ...

Wu Jingbo: Anti-tumor biologically active substance and preparation technology thereof. Affiliated Hospital Of Luzhou Medical College, weichang wei, April 30, 2008: CN200710050378

The invention discloses an antineoplastic biological active substance, which can culture heart tissue to antineoplastic cardiocytes culture fluid. The concrete steps are that cell suspension is made, alternate freezing and thawing is processed and centrifugal is filtered. The invention proves that t ...

Wu Jingbo: Antineoplastic bioactive substances and method for preparing same. Affiliated Hospital Of Luzhou Medical College, weichang wei, May 14, 2008: CN200710050476

The invention discloses a myocardial cell culture solution which cultures the heart tissue to have the function of anti-tumor. The invention is obtained through the steps: making cell suspension, counting, inoculation, purification and collection, etc., and is a biological preparation with exact ant ...


Chen Lei, Li Jianxin, Wu Jingbo, Zhang Qi, Zhang Xiaoyan: Point light source photochemical integrated reactor. Jiangsu University, Wang Xudong, June 9, 2010: CN200910264031

The invention relates to a glass chemical reactor under photocatalysis, in particular to a point light source photochemical integrated reactor comprising a point light source integrating device and a reaction vessel, and the point light source integrating device and the reaction vessel are arranged ...

Du Jianye, Du Zhipeng, Huang Jiansong, Ji Chen, Ke Wenqi, Le Xiuhong, Li Zhengnian, Wang Yu, Wu Jingbo, Zhou Hongyuan: Ship anti-impact vest. Navy Medicine Research Institute of PLA Institute of Naval Vessels, Naval Arming Academy, Pla, Luo Dachen, July 21, 2010: CN200910199978

The invention provides a ship anti-impact vest, which comprises a chest piece, a back piece and rubber strings, wherein the chest piece and the back piece are fixed and connected through the rubber strings; the chest piece and the back piece comprises a surface layer, an inner layer and an anti-impa ...



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