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A high intensity focused ultrasound system for scanning and treating tumor, comprising a combined probe, a power source, a B-mode ultrasound scanner, a multi-dimensional digit-controlled motional apparatus, a vacuum degassor apparatus, a therapeutic bed, and a computer. The combined probe comprises ...

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Alpha-olefins enriched in 1-hexene are prepared by oligomerizing ethylene in the presence of a catalyst comprising (a) a chromium complex containing a coordinating polydentate ligand and, (b) an aluminoxane, in an organic solvent.



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Ethylene is trimerized to form 1-hexene by using a catalyst comprising an aluminoxane and polydentate phosphine, arsine, and/or stibine coordination complex of a chromium salt.

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A coding framework that provides conversions between one or more video formats without the use of a transcoder. A video information stream that includes color information formatted in accordance with a first color space sampling format is split into a base stream and an enhanced stream. The base str ...

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A door closer comprises a cylinder with an extensible and retractable rod. The cylinder has a first end adapted to be secured to a door frame, while the rod has an outer end adapted to be connected to the door. The rod has a series of grooves along the length. A pawl is mounted in a housing on one e ...

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Techniques and tools are described for scalable video coding and decoding. For example, a 3D sub-band video encoder includes an embedded base layer codec as well as temporal sub-band transforms and spatial sub-band transforms. The placement of the base layer codec among the sub-band transforms and t ...


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The present invention is based, at least in part, on the novel discovery that certain microRNAs are associated with inflammatory bowel diseases and other related diseases. Accordingly, the invention relates to microRNA-based compositions, kits, and methods for detecting, characterizing, modulating, ...