Wrasidlo Wolfgang J: Poly (n-amido) imides as semipermeable membranes. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the, Brown William S, Lukasik Frank A, June 11, 1974: US3816303 (25 worldwide citation)

Semipermeable membranes are prepared from poly(N-amido)imides, i.e., polymers characterized by the recurring structural group ##SPC1##where R is a tetravalent organic radical and L is a divalent organic radical.

Wrasidlo Wolfgang J: Anisotropic membranes.. Brunswick, September 23, 1981: EP0036315-A2 (25 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed, in one aspect, an improved highly anisotropic membrane comprising a skin and a porous asymmetric support. The skin contains pores which have an average pore diameter from about 0.005 to about 3.0 microns and this asymmetric support comprises a reticulated structure which contains ...

Wrasidlo Wolfgang J, Mysels Karol J: Membrane systems for filtration.. Brunswick, July 13, 1983: EP0083489-A2 (19 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed, in one aspect, a membrane system useful for filtering a fluid, such as a liquid, which contains particles, such as bacteria, to be removed from the fluid. The membrane system comprises at least two members selected from the group consisting of at least one prefilter and at least ...

Wrasidlo Wolfgang J: Asymmetric ultrafiltration membrane and production thereof.. Brunswick, October 14, 1981: EP0037730-A2 (9 worldwide citation)

The membrane has a water permeability of at least 0.2 cm/min psi and comprises an open honeycomb structure and a skin integral therewith, the honeycomb structure and the skin both being of a polymer (such as a polyimide) having a glass transition temperature of at least 200 DEG C. The membrane is pr ...

Wrasidlo Wolfgang J: Reverse osmosis membrane and process for making the same.. Brunswick, July 28, 1982: EP0056512-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

A desirable reverse osmosis membrane which is particularly useful in water purification includes a thin, active layer (20) of a relatively inert, film forming, polymer which is capable of dissolving a limited amount of water, said active layer being used in association with a porous support (12). Th ...

Wrasidlo Wolfgang J: Preparation of porous aramide membranes.. Memtec North America, April 18, 1990: EP0363364-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Fully aromatic polyamide (aramid) resins can be cast into ultraporous and microporous membranes by forming a solution of the resin in an amount sufficient to cast a coherent membrane, diluting the solution with a liquid pore modifier which is a nonsolvent for the resin so as to produce a metastable ...


Wrasidlo Wolfgang J, Silveira Michael H: Chelating agents.. Brunswick, August 11, 1993: EP0554358-A1

Metal chelates and therapeutic or diagnostic conjugates of site-specific compounds, metal chelates, and metal ions are described. The metal chelates consist of at least two molecular components linked together. One molecular component is a chelate having a high affinity for metal ions and a high Ks ...

Mysels Karol J, Hofmann Frieder K, Wrasidlo Wolfgang J: Revetement au polytetrafluoroethylene de surfaces de polymeres, Polytetrafluoroethylene coating of polymer surfaces. Memtec America Corporation, FINLAYSON & SINGLEHURST, December 3, 1991: CA1292647

ABSTRACT Adherent, PTFE coatings on polymer surfaces can be producedat temperatures well below the sintering temperature of PTFE, bycontacting the surface with a dilute dispersion of PTFE particlesand heating the surface to its softening point (in the vicinityof its glass transition temperature) to ...

Wrasidlo Wolfgang J: Membranes semi-permeables en materiau composite, et methode de fabrication connexe, Composite semipermeable membranes and methods of making same. UOP, November 20, 1979: CA1066465

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Composite semipermeable membranes are made byreacting a film-forming polymer with a cross-linking mono-mer to form a polymeric ultrathin film having semipermeableproperties. During the formation, a grafting reaction iscarried out at reactive sites so there are few remainin ...