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The invention relates to a directional drug delivery stent which includes an elongated or tubular member having a cavity containing a biologically active agent. In one embodiment, the active agent is diffused from the reservoir directly to the walls of a body lumen, such as a blood vessel, through d ...

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Brief periods of occlusion of blood flow in an otherwise open target vessel adjacent to vessels supplying blood to an ischemic region are caused by periodic administration of a therapeutically effective amount of a vasoconstrictor. It is anticipated these brief periods of occlusion will induce the e ...

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A composition and a method for increasing the permeability of membrane junctions or cell membranes for delivery of a drug to target tissues are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods and devices for local drug delivery.

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A tubular stent formed from a plurality of cylindrical rings and connecting links where selected connecting links are of comparatively high mass in relation to the other links. The high-mass links have sufficient mass to be visible during a fluoroscopy procedure when formed from a moderately radiopa ...

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A coating for a medical device, particularly for a drug eluting stent, is described. The coating can include a polyacrylate, a blend of polyacrylates, or a blend of the polyacrylate with other polymers, for example, poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol).

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A sustained release delivery system for delivering a beneficial agent is provided. The system includes a reservoir comprising the beneficial agent and a capillary channel in communication with the reservoir and the exterior of the system for delivering the beneficial agent from the system. The capil ...

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Controlled-release particles containing biologically effective agents such as therapeutic drugs and local anesthetics are suspended in a liquid suspending vehicle which has an elevated viscosity, the viscosity being substantially higher than that of water. Preferred vehicles are non-aqueous liquids ...

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The present invention is directed to a material which can be used to deliver a drug, such as an antibiotic, into a diseased tissue pocket, such as a periodontal pocket. The material is preferably a bioerodible oligomer or polymer. The oligomer or polymer containing the drug is heated and is then del ...


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A method of coating an implantable medical device, such as a stent, is disclosed. The method includes applying a formulation on a first polymer layer containing a therapeutic substance to form a second layer. The formulation can contain a highly hydrophobic polymer or a solvent which is a poor solve ...