Worden Donald Allison, Smolen Sam Robert: Pressure regulator. Marotta Valve, September 28, 1966: GB1044368-A

1,044,368. Valves. MAROTTA VALVE CORPORATION. July 1, 1963, No. 26019/63. Heading F2V. A combined pressure regulator and relief valve comprises a housing 10 having a main chamber 11 with inlet, outlet, and vent passages 22, 12, and 24 respectively, the inlet and vent passages communicating with the ...

Worden Donald Allison, Smolen Sam Robert: Fluid flow control valve construction. Marotta Valve, March 13, 1960: GB1106252-A

1,106,252. Fluid-pressure servomotor systems. MAROTTA VALVE CORPORATION. April 15, 1965, No.16214/65. Heading G3P. [Also in Division F2J A pressure-relief valve comprises a main closure 32 to control flow from an inlet 12 to an outlet 16 which is moved by an actuator 62 connected to a piston 66 unde ...