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A tire building machine comprising an expansible drum on which tires are built. The drum includes a pair of sets of segments movable radially of the drum axis and which are covered with a rubber sleeve and are disposed between two sets of fingers which are also movable radially of the drum axis. The ...

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A mill for forming a thin sheet of a curable elastomer and a tire carcass receiving drum are combined in apparatus including a conveyor spaced from the mill and engageable with a tire carcass on the drum so as to rotate the drum and wind thereon a continuous plurality of convolutions of the sheet. S ...

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A machine for splicing rubber inner tubes. The machine has a pair of heated knives which move in parallel, generally rectangular, vertical pathways to cut exposed, aligned ends of a clamped tube immediately prior to moving and squeezing the freshly cut ends together in splicing engagement. Each knif ...