Kyoo Ho Jung, Byung Jick Cho, Jong Chul Lee, Won Ki Ju: Electronic device with variable resistive patterns. SK HYNIX, August 16, 2016: US09418008

An electronic device includes a semiconductor memory unit. The semiconductor memory unit includes a plurality of first lines extending in a first direction, a plurality of second lines extending in a second direction intersecting the first direction, and a plurality of variable resistance patterns t ...

Beom Yong Kim, Soo Gil Kim, Won Ki Ju: Switching device, method of fabricating the same, and resistive random access memory including the switching device as a selection device. SK HYNIX, March 13, 2018: US09917250

A switching device includes a first electrode and a second electrode that are disposed over a substrate, and an electrolyte layer disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode and including a porous oxide. The switching device performs threshold switching operation on the basis of ox ...

Jong Chul Lee, Ja Chun Ku, Sung Kyu Min, Byung Jick Cho, Seung Beom Baek, Hyo June Kim, Won Ki Ju, Hyun Kyu Kim: Electronic device and method for fabricating the same. SK HYNIX, August 11, 2015: US09105840

According to embodiments, a semiconductor memory may include: a variable resistance pattern disposed over a substrate and extended in a first direction; first and second structures including a plurality of interlayer dielectric layers and a plurality of conductive layers which are alternately stacke ...

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