Kyoo Ho Jung, Byung Jick Cho, Jong Chul Lee, Won Ki Ju: Electronic device with variable resistive patterns. SK HYNIX, August 16, 2016: US09418008

An electronic device includes a semiconductor memory unit. The semiconductor memory unit includes a plurality of first lines extending in a first direction, a plurality of second lines extending in a second direction intersecting the first direction, and a plurality of variable resistance patterns t ...

Jong Chul Lee, Ja Chun Ku, Sung Kyu Min, Byung Jick Cho, Seung Beom Baek, Hyo June Kim, Won Ki Ju, Hyun Kyu Kim: Electronic device and method for fabricating the same. SK HYNIX, August 11, 2015: US09105840

According to embodiments, a semiconductor memory may include: a variable resistance pattern disposed over a substrate and extended in a first direction; first and second structures including a plurality of interlayer dielectric layers and a plurality of conductive layers which are alternately stacke ...

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