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In order to be able to use the combination of a commercially available type of television receiver (1) with a commercially available type of video tape recorder (3) or video disk recorder, additionally also as a home computer, a data and address bus (32) is provided for additionally in the televisio ...

Charles Schepers, Wolfgang Schroder: Interactive control of entertainment electronics apparatus. Nokia Unterhaltungselektronik, Peter C Van Der Sluys, October 23, 1990: US04965557 (43 worldwide citation)

The application describes how the control of entertainment electronics apparatus or combinations thereof can be simplified to the point that even an unpracticed user can make all necessary or desired adjustments as easily as possible. Even in a large combination, all functions can be controlled from ...

Wolfgang Schroder: Three-dimensional image-viewing apparatus. Jos Schneider Optische Werke Kreuznach & Co KG, Karl F Ross, Herbert Dubno, July 12, 1988: US04756601 (22 worldwide citation)

The described three-dimensional image viewing apparatus offers the possibility to perceive spatial objects which are reproduced through a pair of stereoscopic images as three-dimensional images, without the necessity to provide auxiliary optical means in the vicinity of the eye during viewing. For t ...

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A leading bung seal (BS1) in a magazine (4) is picked up by a bung seal transfer clamp (8) and is positioned between a bung seal receptacle (6) and a bung seal transfer device (10), which are axially aligned. A bung seal expansion pin (18) is advanced to drive the leading bung seal (BS1) into the bu ...

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The invention relates to crosslinked castor oil derivatives which, as thickeners in liquid oils, give colorless and ageing-resistant oleogels and viscous oils even at low temperatures. The crosslinking species may be at least one of a di- or polycarboxylic acid, a olioisocyanate, and a oligoepoxide.

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A facility is provided for recovering the clock and data from a data stream transmitted in the bi-phase code even if the data stream contains no sync bits and if the transmission speed varies.

Wolfgang Schroder: Reflector telescope with upright image. Jos Schneider Ptiische Werke Kreuznach & Co KG, Karl F Ross, Herbert Dubno, February 24, 1987: US04645314 (10 worldwide citation)

A reflector telescope with upright image having a principal mirror constructed as a concave mirror, wherein in the path of the light rays between the principal mirror and a concave reversing mirror a collector mirror and a folding mirror are arranged, so that in addition foldings occur at the princi ...

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In a throat stopper for shaft furnaces, in particular blast furnaces with two hoppers of which an upper hopper is rotatable through a drive device, the upper hopper is designed, by means of a stationary hood equipped with charging flap valves, as a sluice chamber to be closed pressureproof. For seal ...

Klaus Kwetkat, Wolfgang Schroder: Amphiphilic compounds with at least two hydrophilic and at least two hydrophobic groups based on di-, oligo- and polyol ethers. Huels Aktiengesellschaft, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, November 2, 1999: US05977404 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to amphiphilic compounds of the general formula (I) with at least two hydrophilic and at least two hydrophobic groups based on di, oligo or polyolethers. The amphiphilic compounds of this invention are highly surface active and are suitable as emulsifiers, demulsifiers, deterge ...

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Directly heated rotary drums are used in the drying of pourable goods such as wood chips or strands. Drums are provided with built-in fixtures such as cross fixtures, in order to ensure good heat transmission from the drying gas to the goods. The invention comprises a design for a rotary drum (4) wh ...