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A dust mop provided with a throwaway mop head. The dust mop includes an elongated carrier member to which is swivelly mounted a mop handle. The carrier member includes an upper rigid portion and a lower cushion portion. A disposable mop head is mounted against the lower cushion portion and it includ ...

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Gas permeable devices and methods are disclosed for cell culture, including cell culture devices and methods that contain medium at heights, and certain gas permeable surface area to medium volume ratios. These devices and methods allow improvements in cell culture efficiently and scale up efficienc ...


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A wax applicator provided with a throw-away wax applicator head. The wax applicator includes an elongated carrier member to which is rigidly secured an elongated pulling handle. The carrier member includes an upper rigid portion and a lower cushion portion. The disposable wax applicator head is moun ...

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A solution polymerization system for polymerizing an olefin monomer by reacting the monomer with catalyst and solvent has been invented. The system in one aspect includes a flow loop with a product polymer outlet, the flow loop forming a recycling reactor, a cataylst inlet on the flow loop through w ...

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The present invention relates to an ethylene homo- or interpolymer, comprised of ethylene and optionally one C3-C20 alpha -olefins characterized in that the polymer has 0.01 to 3 long chain branches per 1000 carbons.

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An automatic hand dryer contains a heating element and a motor which drives a squirrel cage fan. The fan exhausts air past the heating element to a downwardly-directed outlet. A base or mounting plate (12) is adapted for flush mounting to a wall. The axis of the fan is perpendicular to the base plat ...

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A dust mop having a bottom section which is provided on the lower surface thereof with a tufted cotton yarn extending below the surface of the bottom section, and means for attaching the bottom section of a dust mop handle. The mop bottom section is provided with an outside fringe of continuous loop ...

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A faucet for automatic operation defining a base (35) and an elongated cantilevered spout body (34) provided with a discharge outlet. A sensing means for automatic operation in the form of an emitter (58) and detector (70) are mounted on the spout body (34) intermediate the base (35) and discharge o ...

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An improved switch-operating mechanism is provided for translating linear motion of an actuating member, such as a handle mechanism, for example, into the rotary motion of a tray, or other rotatable member, which may carry, for example, one or more rotatably-actuated switch members. The switch membe ...