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The device for measuring and displaying the concentration of glucose in the blood comprises a display device (2) into which disposable sensors (1) comprising a biomembrane (9) can be inserted. The display device (2) comprises a built-in computer (3) in whose memory (7) a glucose concentration diagra ...

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A fastening mechanism for a needle system with the liquid system being a cartridge ampoule (4) and with a needle holder (3). The needle holder (3) is snapped onto the cartridge ampoule (4) or a cartridge ampoule holder containing the cartridge ampoule (4) by means of a snap-in closure means. The fas ...

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The invention relates to a method of wire bonding in which the wire is coated with a polymerisable material which is cured by exposure to radiation after the wire bond has been formed. In this way the wire is insulated so as to enable a higher interconnection density without risk of short circuit. T ...

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The invention relates to a transducer comprising a resistance bridge 10 having at least one arm 22, 26 formed by a piezoresistive element arranged on a flexible substrate of which at least the surface is not electrically conductive. A voltage is applied across one diagonal of the bridge 10 and an in ...

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The invention provides a device and methods for analysing body fluids wherein the device is implanted in the body and provides for both the delivery of substances into the body and for the testing of body fluids.

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The present invention provides improved methods for fabricating compound-material wafers, in particular a silicon on insulator type wafer. The improved methods lead to reduced numbers of deflects arising on or near the periphery of the wafers. In a first method, wafers are selected in dependence on ...

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L'invention propose un procédé de collage de deux substrats entre eux au cours duquel on procède à la mise en contact des surfaces desdits substrats, comprenant au moins une étape de nettoyage de la surface de l'un et/ou l'autre des substrats à coller avant la mise en contact de leurs surfaces, cara ...


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An arrangement for loading information into an integrated circuit semiconductor device (10) comprises a mask (14) having a plurality of regions which may be more transmissive or less transmissive to radiation (12), to form a state pattern. The device (10) may be a memory or an array of logic gates, ...

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The invention relates to a method of forming a structure comprising a thin layer of semiconductor material transferred from a donor substrate onto a second substrate, wherein two different atomic species are co-implanted under certain conditions into the donor substrate so as to create a weakened zo ...