Williams Thomas H: Moving sound speaker system including a plurality of speakers and a control signal generating device. September 4, 1973: US3757046 (20 worldwide citation)

A multi-speaker system where the sound emanating from the speakers is sequentially amplified by means of electronic control circuits to give the impression of sound movement around the listener.

Williams Thomas H, Baggett Claude T: Method for protecting publicly distributed software. Cable Television Lab, March 25, 1998: GB2317476-A (17 worldwide citation)

A system for protecting software from copying wherein the software to be protected is placed on the computer system in two parts. A first part (120) is stored in non-volatile storage, such as a hard disk or floppy disk within the computer system (100), and a second part is stored and executed in a " ...

Fowler Raymond L, Hill James D, McCornack Richard W, Perkins N Kenneth, Sendelweck Michael L, West Donald L, Williams Thomas H, Yosmali Krikor: Ink jet printing apparatus with line sweep and incremental printing facilities. International Business Machines Corporation, Cooper D Kendall, September 10, 1974: US3834505 (13 worldwide citation)

An ink jet printing apparatus is described having facilities for printing information in character locations, (boxes) each character location comprising a plurality of vertical columns of drop locations, and a number of characters comprising a line of information. Structures and circuits are include ...

Hill James D, Naylor III Hugh E, West Donald L, Williams Thomas H: Increasing throughput in ink jet printing by drop skipping and reducing ink jet merging and splatter using a stairstep generator. International Business Machines Corporation, October 30, 1973: US3769631 (12 worldwide citation)

The present case concerns various techniques for increasing the printing rate of an ink jet printing apparatus. As one example, drops not required for printing, that is, drop intervals, are skipped. This reduces the time required to form individual characters. Another technique modifies the normal g ...

May Frederick T, Williams Thomas H: Memory-centered computer system. International Business Machines Corporation, August 10, 1971: US3599186 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a computer system with the usual input and output devices, arithmetic facilities, clocking facilities, associated control logic and incorporating memory facilities, such as a core memory, arranged in a centralized manner with respect to the other facilities of the system, and ...

Menard Alfred J, Williams Thomas H: Process for the production of non-foamed, urethane-type polymers. Timesaver Products Company, July 27, 1966: GB1037368-A (2 worldwide citation)

Soluble anhydrite (i.e. that form of anhydrous CaSO4 which will rehydrate and dissolve on the addition of water) is prepared by calcining hydrated gypsum (CaSO4. 1/2 H2O) at about 390 DEG F. to 595 DEG F. The soluble anhydrite is suitable for use as a desiccant.ALSO:Non-foamed polyurethanes are prep ...

Williams Thomas H: Table de construction de fermes a butoirs de positionnement integres, Truss table with integrated positioning stops. Tee Lok Corporation, Mitek Holdings, SIM & MCBURNEY, March 30, 2004: CA2185380 (2 worldwide citation)

A table for forming trusses that includes channels that do not unduly deform or bend during truss construction comprises: a support frame; first and second substantially horizontally-disposed elongate panels; a first channel having a generally horizontal floor and opposed side walls extending upward ...


Hill James D, Isbell Gene A, Williams Thomas H: Systeme de selection de polices de caracteres, Font selection system. International Business Machines Corporation, July 24, 1979: CA1059198

FONT SELECTION SYSTEM Abstract A font selection system is provided that is useful in conjunction with ink jet printing apparatus. Facilities are included for storing data representative of one or more fonts or character sets and for selecting these on a font basis or a character basis during printin ...

Williams Thomas H, Robinson William F, Hill James D, Fillmore Gary L: Systeme dimprimante par jets dencre sequentiels a espacements variables, Sequential ink jet printing system with variable number of guard drops. International Business Machines Corporation, April 15, 1980: CA1075755

SEQUENTIAL INK JET PRINTING SYSTEM WITH VARIABLE NUMBER OF GUARD DROPS Abstract Insertion of guard drops on a variable basis within adrop segment of an ink jet raster has been found to behighly successful in producing quality printing. A typicalsequence is ...PgPgPgPggPgggPPgP ? timewhere P designat ...