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A data processing system is disclosed for providing digital video information on subscriber demand, for very large video data files. The system enables rapid response to the requests by network subscribers, independent of the number of video files offered for selection. The data processing system is ...

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1284768 Plant protectors R T WILLIAMS 28 July 1970 [6 Aug 1969] 39352/69 Heading A1E A plant protecting device for preventing weed growth close to plant stems comprises a cover 7 of flexible material provided with a central hole to accommodate the plant stem and a slot from the hole to the periphery ...

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Two streams of video signals are mixed according to control words derived from the video signals in at least one of the streams. Analogue video grey-scale signals generated by a closed-circuit television system (14) are digitised and decoded to address a table held in a memory (62) the output of whi ...

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A device for protecting plants comprises a pair of pieces of materials (1) adapted to rest upon the ground adjacent to each other, wherein the adjacent edges of the two pieces of material are sealed together (2) and overlap along a part of their length, and wherein along the line of interconnection ...

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Composition fongicide comprenant de la 2-anilino-4,6-diméthylpyrimidine et un autre fongicide, appartenant à une classe chimique différente. Les compositions ont des propriétés synergiques, et le rendement des récoltes peut être augmenté. Procédé pour combattre les champignons phytopathogènes qui co ...

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A gamma correction circuit, to compensate for nonlinear video display tube characteristics, is provided with a field effect transistor operating with the gate electrode thereof forward biased to generate a compensation characteristic, an operational amplifier for subtracting the compensation charact ...

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A method and system are provided for improved routing of repair calls in a call center (Fig. 1, item 50). A call routing system (Fig. 2, item 58) receives a repair call from a calling party (Fig. 1, item 21) and determines if the calling party is a first time caller or a repeat caller based on ident ...

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Fluquinconazole can be used to combat wood damaging fungi, in particular basidiomycete fungi which rot wood.