William W Lewis: Cargo handling system for aircraft. Short Brothers, Kenyon & Kenyon, October 13, 1987: US04699337 (37 worldwide citation)

A variety (FIG. 4) of aero engines (30) can be rear-loaded into an aircraft cargo bay (10) with precision and safety and minimal clearance with the sides of the bay (10) by installing a roller conveyor trackway (20,22) along two seat rails (12,14) running the length of the bay (10) and its bottom-hi ...

Wallace B Schmidt, William W Lewis, Alex Edmiston, Gernot Klauser: Processes for decontaminating nuclear process off-gas streams. Airco, David L Rae, Larry R Cassett, June 2, 1981: US04270938 (31 worldwide citation)

In a process for decontaminating a nuclear process off-gas stream, oxygen and oxides of nitrogen are removed by catalytic reaction with hydrogen. The feed gas stream is then passed serially through a drier, a carbon dioxide adsorber and a xenon adsorber to sequentially remove water, CO.sub.2 and xen ...