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The specification discloses a multimedia conferencing service capability for dynamically allocating transmission link bandwidth among video, audio and data channels in response to changes in the utilization of those channels. The capability maximizes video quality when data is not being used and min ...

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An omnidirectional eddy current (EC) probe includes at least one EC channel having a first and a second sense coil that are offset in a first (x) and a second (y) direction and overlap in at least one of the directions (x,y). At least one drive coil is configured to generate a probing field for the ...

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A reconfigurable, transportable container assembly is provided. Side panels are releasably interconnected with each other and combine with a base panel, and a top panel releasably mates with the side panels. The top panel is combined with the side panels and the base panel to form a transport config ...

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A method of controlling the direction of a drill bit (3) at the downhole end of a drill string (2) drilling from a surface comprises providing two steerable stabilizers (4, 5) at the downhole end of the drill string (2) at locations spaced apart in the drilling direction and adjusting the orientatio ...

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A downhole motor (19) is mounted in a drill pipe (13) above a hole enlarger (14) intermediate ends of the pipe (13). The motor drives a lower pilot bit (28). A split flow bypass device (24) above the motor (19) allows part of the flow to drive the motor and the remainder to bypass through a central ...

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A sheet of unidirectionally-oriented fiber strands includes unidirectional fibers, bonding fibers interwoven with the unidirectional fibers to form a fiber panel, and thermoplastic film laminating the fiber panel there between. In one embodiment, a second sheet of laminated unidirectional fibers is ...

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The present invention relates to a nail and fastener assembly for use in providing a stable construct for optimal fixation of the hindfoot and to methods for implanting the nail and fastener assembly. One embodiment of the nail and fastener assembly provides additional fixation, for example, in the ...

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Magnetic disk recording apparatus including a pair of magnetic transducers contacting the opposite sides of a magnetic disk and each carried by a swingable arm. The arms are interconnected together so that the swinging movement of one of the arms is transmitted to the other arm to cause an opposite ...

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A vacuum lifting device that is particularly suitable for lifting refractory slabs used to line aluminum smelting cells incudes suction cups which engage the object to be lifted. A plurality of mechanical supports can be moved so that they extend at least partly underneath the object being lifted wh ...

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The present invention provides an eddy current array probe having a complaint body molded around a rigid insert. A flexible eddy current array circuit is wrapped around the outer surface of the compliant body.