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A head positioner for radiologic and other medical procedures and a method for forming the head positioner are disclosed. A plastic rear component engages the backside of the patient's head, left and right plastic components engage each auditory meatus of the patient and a front component engages th ...

William Seiler Jr: Tubular cutting instrument. David Kopf Instruments, March 15, 1977: US04011869 (111 worldwide citation)

A cutting instrument is provided, particularly applicable to vitreous surgery, having an elongated, tubular housing formed with a cutting orifice near its end. A resilient, inner tubular member is slidably mounted coaxially within the tubular housing. The tubular housing is bent in a manner to displ ...

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A notched tubular cutting instrument for use in vitrectomy is provided. An elongated tubular housing is formed with a cutting orifice in its tip. A resilient, inner tubular blade reciprocates within the housing. The housing is bent to bias the blade against the edges of the cutting orifice. The cutt ...

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A proportioning system is provided for mixing dialysate used in an artificial kidney machine. A first conduit carries concentrate solution in a recirculating loop pattern. A second conduit carrying water intersects the first conduit. At the point of intersection, the first conduit has an orifice for ...