William S Walker: Electrosurgery instrument. Dressler Goldsmith Shore Sutker & Milnamow, January 7, 1986: US04562838 (254 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgery instrument having ducts to direct a stream of fluid past the electrode to dissipate the smoke produced in surgery. The instrument can also be provided with a light-transmitting cable to illuminate a region around the electrode.

William S Walker: Dental mirror system. Dressler Goldsmith Shore Sutker & Milnamow, August 18, 1992: US05139420 (43 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a dental mirror system having a fluid conduit to provide a stream of fluid across the surface of the mirror to remove material from the mirror surface. The dental mirror system can also be provided with a light-transmitting cable to illuminate the work area and/o ...

William S Walker Jr deceased: Conduit containment system. Harsco Corporation, Kerkam Stowell Kondracki & Clarke, November 24, 1992: US05165453 (10 worldwide citation)

A secondary containment system for conduits, pipes and electric cables includes a plurality of separate duct sections connected in end-to-end relation to provide an electrically insulating fluid tight system. Each duct section includes a pair of generally Z-shaped structural members formed from a fi ...

Anthony J Tarquin, William S Walker, Guillermo G Delgado: Sea water reverse osmosis system to reduce concentrate volume prior to disposal. THE BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM, Yee & Associates P C, June 26, 2018: US10005681

The present invention includes systems and methods for treatment of seawater RO system for recovering most of the water (i.e., 85-90%) from the concentrate of a brackish groundwater reverse osmosis treatment system that may use, e.g., a batch method. With proper pH control and antiscalant dosage, th ...