William S Pietrzak, Roy C Wiley, David L Ahlersmeyer: Method and apparatus for securing soft tissues, tendons and ligaments to bone. Harness Dickey & Pierce, June 18, 1996: US05527342 (396 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for securing soft tissues, tendons and ligaments to bone using a suture strand. The apparatus includes a spear member which is able to pierce and securely engage the bone. The spear member includes an eyelet which is able to carry the suture strand at a position along the midportion of ...

David R Sarver, Barry L Eppley, Keith R D Alessio, William S Pietrzak, Thomas W Sander: Method and apparatus for securing adjacent bone portions. October 29, 1996: US05569250 (117 worldwide citation)

A biocompatible osteosynthesis plate operable for being enhanced in a substantially secured relation to a plurality of adjacent bone portions is provided. The biocompatible osteosynthesis plate includes an elongated section having a top face and a bottom face, at least one fastener opening disposed ...

Andrew Carver, Lowell S Weil Sr, Tim Lessek, William S Pietrzak: Interphalangeal fusion pin. Biomet, Harness Dickey & Pierce, May 9, 2006: US07041106 (60 worldwide citation)

A device is described for joining a first phalange to a second adjacent phalange, such as the proximal phalange to the intermediate phalange at the proximal interphalangeal joint. The device is a substantially elongated member comprised of a resorbable material, such as, but not limited to polylacti ...

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