William S Pierce: Surgical pledget. Thomas Hooker, April 25, 1989: US04823794 (404 worldwide citation)

A surgical pledget including a suture entrance slit extending through the pledget from a side wall to a central suture location within the pledget and means for retaining the suture at the suture location so that the pledget may be positioned on a medial portion of a suture.

James H Donachy, William S Pierce: Blood pump and method of pumping blood. Donachy and Pierce, Thomas Hooker, September 16, 1980: US04222127 (75 worldwide citation)

A blood pump for implant or paracorporeal use having a rigid case with inlet and outlet valves defining a pumping cavity; an integral thin walled flexible sac freely confined within a pumping cavity; and a flexible diaphragm within the cavity conforming to the shape of the adjacent side of the sac. ...

William S Pierce, Craig B Wisman, James H Donachy: Trileaflet type prosthetic heart valve. Research Corporation, Kerkam Stowell Kondracki & Clarke, December 21, 1982: US04364127 (64 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic heart valve constructed of hemo-compatible materials that is anatomically and functionally similar to the natural aortic valve is disclosed which reduces or eliminates the occurrence of many of the complications found in the use of prior art prosthetic valves. The heart valve is a trile ...

William S Pierce: Barrier surgical glove. Thomas Hooker, February 20, 1990: US04901372 (47 worldwide citation)

A barrier glove cot or hand covering for protecting surgeons and health care workers includes an integral tri-laminar construction with continuous inner and outer barrier layers and a central foam layer.

William S Pierce, Gary J Oswald: Garment for controlling an electronic device. Motorola, Gary J Cunningham, March 23, 2010: US07684755 (27 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a garment (102) made of a particular type of material, the garment can include a garment appendage (104, 108, 110, 112) and a sensor (114, 116) coupled to the garment appendage with the sensor configured to detect activation of the garment appendage. The garment can further include a co ...


William S Pierce: Surgical glove. Thomas Hooker, June 7, 1994: US05317759 (20 worldwide citation)

A barrier surgical glove for protecting surgeons and health care workers from bacterial or viral infections, such as hepatitis B and autoimmune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). The glove includes an inner layer, an outer layer overlying the inner layer and a plurality of closely spaced pillars at the int ...

William S Pierce, Gerson Rosenberg: Artificial heart. Research Corporation Technologies, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, April 11, 1989: US04820300 (10 worldwide citation)

A totally implantable artificial heart that utilizes a fluid displaced from the left blood pump to power the right blood pump. The left blood pump is a sac-type pump powered by an electric motor that, when contracting and expanding, displaces a volume of fluid in a fluid chamber within the left pump ...

William S Pierce, James H Donachy: Polymer alloy blood compatible surface. The United States of America represented by the Department of Health & Human Services, John S Roberts Jr, January 26, 1982: US04312920 (10 worldwide citation)

A blood contacting layer and a blood contacting interface consisting of a solvent cast polyurethane alloyed with a filler-free silicone rubber. In the above, the alloy interface comprises an interpenetrating polymer network consisting of polyurethane and filler-free silicone rubber at the molecular ...

Joseph Pedziwiatr, Paul Steinberg, William S Pierce, Richard James Malcolm, Daniel Francis Tell, Brian Jack Moore: High integrity radio access network client reallocation in a wireless communication network. Motorola, Simon B Anolick, June 27, 2006: US07069013 (3 worldwide citation)

A wireless communication system (10) uses communications bridging functions to establish redundant communication paths (32, 34, 44, 46) between redundant radio access network session clients (36, 38), a core system 16 and a base transceiver station (40). The system (10) carries out a handoff or real ...