Craig Allen
Craig Allen Long, William Robert Worger, Bradley Robert Schaefer: Method and apparatus for seamless crypto rekey system. Motorola, Frank J Bogacz, August 17, 1999: US05940508 (9 worldwide citation)

Equipment (10, 20) for facilitating point-to-point cryptographic data communication systems is disclosed. The seamless rekey cryptosystem permits changing of the crypto key (70, 80) with no down time. The cryptosystem will facilitate seamless key installation to eliminate data loss or reduce storage ...

William Robert Worger, Roman Casimir Lopatynski, Steven Peter Allen, Gerald Vincent Piosenka: Working asset management system and method. Motorola, Frederick M Fliegel, September 2, 1997: US05664113 (81 worldwide citation)

Working assets (26) are equipped with ID tags (56) that respond to interrogations from interrogators (50). Each interrogated tag (56) sends response codes that identify the tag (56) and working asset (26), can describe an amount of use experienced by the working asset (26), and can describe unused c ...