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A magnetic head includes aligned pole tips and a coil proximally disposed between a pair of first and second magnetic yoke layers which define a closed magnetic path with a transducing gap. The second magnetic yoke layer includes a flat geometry with a substantially level cross-sectional profile. Th ...

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A magnetic read/write head having improved thermal characteristics. The read/write head includes a read element and a write element formed there over. The read element includes a read sensor embedded within a dielectric material and sandwiched between first and second shields. The write element incl ...

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A hemodialysis system has a blood circuit and a hemofiltrate circuit interconnected at a hemofilter and an air collection chamber. If an infusion of sterile fluid to the returning blood is needed during the dialysis treatment, filtrate in the filtrate circuit is pumped back into the blood circuit. T ...

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A method and structure for providing a tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) element is disclosed. The method and structure include providing a TMR layer that includes a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer and a first insulating layer disposed between the first magnetic layer and the second mag ...

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A thin, sheet material substantially aids in absorbing a mechanical impact or shock--useful in widely disparate applications, e.g., on handle/grips of sports equipment such as bats, rackets, paddles, clubs or the like. The material is formed of a three layer laminate including a central resilient fa ...

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There is disclosed an automated hemodialysis filtration system comprising one or a plurality of the following improvements, including a supply-regulated pump, an inverted drip chamber, a filtrate system communicating with a hemofilter and comprising a filtrate reservoir, a filter pump and pressure s ...

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The present invention relates to an article of manufacture or polishing pad for altering a surface of a workpiece, such as polishing or planarizing a semiconductor device. The article includes a polymeric matrix impregnated with a plurality of polymeric microelements, each polymeric microelement hav ...

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An article or polishing pad for altering a surface of a workpiece includes a polymeric matrix having a work surface and a subsurface proximate to the work surface. When the article is in contact with a working environment, the work surface is made relatively softer than the subsurface as a result of ...

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A polishing pad used in a method for polishing a semiconductor device is made by combining a polymeric matrix and a dissolvable substance that dissolves upon contact with a polishing slurry.

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An apparatus for separating a sheet of print media from a stack of porous sheets includes a sheet conveyor for conveying a topmost sheet of print media which has been separated from the stack to a printing station of a printer. A separator is associated with the sheet conveyor for separating the she ...