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There is disclosed a microprocessor-controlled peristaltic pump for use in a portable continuous insulin infusion device. The peristaltic pump is configured with a removable cover comprising a part of the pump housing surrounding a pump rotor, and holding a delivery tube between the cover and the ro ...

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A modular assembly is provided for use in frame structures which are assembled by joining frame members to connector or fitting members to allow such structures to be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled without the need for a separate assembly tool. In the assembly the frame member telesco ...

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A variable entry power supply cord-connector. The supply cord-connector has a rounded cord portion coupled to a connector portion. The cord portion is adjustable to a first entry position, a second entry position, and a third entry position. The connector portion has a hollow axial cord channel. The ...

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An electrical appliance or tool having a pre-assembled electrical contact carrier on one end thereof. The carrier has a flex strain relief surrounding one end of the power cord. A flange is connected to the strain relief and is sized to contact the exterior of the appliance or tool to hold the power ...

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The inventive orienter is used in the output path of a vibratory feeder for axially orienting uniform cylinders. It includes a tube having a side opening spaced from the input end and extending axially along a portion of the tube so cylinders that are not axially oriented fall through the side openi ...

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A safety device for a drilling rig of the type wherein a drill-carrying cradle is caused to move upwardly or downwardly on a tower by a chain which traverses sprockets at opposite ends of the tower. Shock loads and vibration cause premature failures in the chain when withdrawing a drill string as th ...

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A method of atomic scale fixation and immobilization of plutonium to provide a durable waste product. Plutonium is provided in the form of either PuO.sub.2 or Pu(NO.sub.3).sub.4 and is mixed with and SiO.sub.2. The resulting mixture is cold pressed and then heated under pressure to form (Zr,Pu)SiO.s ...

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The invention discloses and claims five different embodiments of a plural chambered dispensing tube assembly that prevents products separated by tube chambers from mixing prior to being dispensed by providing a seal at the dispensing end. The seal is an integral part of the tube assembly.

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A cable assembly for connecting a connector shell to a mating connector, the assembly having an electrical connector and a cable which are interconnected to form the assembly comprising: a cable shield for covering the cable along its entire length; a first molded housing for covering the connector ...